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About Gutsto

Gutsto! exists to educate everyone on the importance of gut health. We seek to support those who want to improve their overall health with resources, products and information to empower them to improve their overall well-being.

The weight of bacteria in the average gut

The number of "brain" cells in the gut


of your body's serotonin originates in the gut


of immune cells are housed in the gut

Some Background on Gut Health and Gutsto!

One night, I was lying in a hotel room doing searches on my phone related to weight loss. I happened on to a website, where the guy postulated a theory that vegetable oils were a major contributor to North America’s obesity crisis. He wasn’t a medical professional, he was a personal trainer and his views were simply his theories. He convinced me, so I went ahead and cut out vegetable oils from my diet. It wasn’t an easy thing to do since soybean and corn oils are literally in everything. But then, it didn’t take long before I started to see some results.

Since that time, I have read multiple books, and have conducted research into how what goes into the gut and what grows in the gut affects the body overall. Actually, what we now know about the gut is stunning. Gutsto! is an extension of that research. We seek to become the pre-eminent source for information on gut health across all platforms, including search, social, podcasts and video.
– Ron Wright, Founder

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